Beginner Courses

The next beginners’ course will be held on Sundays 7th and 14th April, 10am to 3pm. Please email us at the link below if you are interested in this or have any questions.


We hold regular beginners’ courses at our outdoor field from spring to autumn at a cost of £50.00 for adults and £35.00 for juniors (under 18). This includes all equipment hire for all the lessons.

The course normally consists of 2 sessions on consecutive Sundays, and you will need to attend both sessions to pass the course.  We are happy to consider different arrangements to meet peoples’ requirements.

To register your interest and discuss possible options, please get in touch, click here to email us.

The course will teach you the basics of shooting safely, and include at least nine hours of tuition and will teach you the basic techniques of shooting and scoring and how to shoot safely. The club aims for a tutor/beginner ratio of 1:2.

Safety is paramount and a safety briefing will be given at the start of the course. Anyone with concerns or medical conditions, please ask before attending the course.

Learning outcomes

On completion of the Foxes beginners’ course an archer should be able to:

  • Set up and take down a recurve bow
  • Adopt an appropriate stance on the shooting line
  • Nock an arrow onto a string correctly
  • Execute a basic draw and release
  • Pull arrows from a target safely and correctly
  • Adjust a bow sight to compensate for shooting distance and sideways drift
  • Obey the field captains’ whistle
  • Behave both on and off the shooting line with a proper regard for the safety of the self and other archers/spectators
  • Be able to shoot most arrows into a target at 20 yards distance

If you would like to know more about our beginner courses and get involved in this wonderful and friendly sport, please click here to contact us.

We would suggest that you do not purchase your own bow until after you have attended a course. During the course your coach will be able to assess your individual needs and will be able to advise on the bow type and arrow specification best suited to those needs. If you already have your own equipment please have it checked by your coach to ensure its safety and suitability.